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How to choose your Massage Sheets

What are the best massage sheets? What do all those different labels mean?

Here is your cheat "Sheet"

Fiber ProsConsCost
Premium Cotton
Made of extra long staple (ELS) fibers.
Known as Prim or Egyption Cotton
*Easy to get Stains out
*These sheets cost the most.
Regular Cotton
Made of Shorter staple fibers.
Known as 100% cotton and
flannel cotton.
*Easy to get Stains out
*More costly than blended cotton
*Will not last as long as blended or
synthetic cotton
Made of synthetic cotton.
*Will not shrink
*Saves on laundry cost,uses less water and dries quickly
*Needs pre treatment for stains$
Poly/Cotton Blend
Made of a combination of cotton and
synthetic cotton.
*Most durable
*Difficult to remove stains
*Not as comfy

                                                 What to look for

Sateen weaveProvides a smooth silky feel
Combed cottonProvides extra softness
Percale weaveProvides a crisp fee (wrinkles more)
Thread count200-500 thread count is the place to find the perfect balance
between softness and strength