What we Offer

Our commission rate is 10% of net sales. Leads remain active for 14 days after the original click. Average orders for our website vary from $2.50 to several thousand. We have a high conversion rate on our website so quality leads have a great chance to result in sales. Our company ships orders in one business day and has a back order rate of less than 1%. Customers you refer to us will be dealing with a professional and reputable company with a great reputation for customer service.

What We Require

We tolerate no spamming or otherwise unethical tactics by our affiliates. Affiliates practicing unethical search engine optimization tactics or black hat traffic generation will be banned. If we hear complaints about an affiliate's business practices, we will ban that affiliate.

We generally evaluate affiliate traffic after 60 days and only continue relationships with those affiliates generating quality traffic. We do not consider coupon clearinghouses or sites not generating original referrals as quality traffic. Coupon-only sites will be declined as affiliates.

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