Massage Naturals FAQ

Question: How do you best care for flannel sheets, face rests and bolster covers?

Answer: Flannel is the most popular option for massage sheets. However, you can ruin them if your not careful. See our Flannel Care Instructions.

Question: I've noticed that many items are much cheaper when you order large quantities. Can I split this up between multiple orders?

Answer: Possibly. If you know you will order the volumes required for deeper discounts, but can't do it all at once, call us at 801-566-7579 and we will be happy to discuss your particular situation. We can't always say yes, but we promise to do our best to be fair depending on the circumstance.

Question: Do you sell wholesale?

Answer: We offer volume pricing discounts, but we don't sell wholesale. Our sister company, Body Linen, does sell wholesale, but only through authorized distributors. Distributors must be qualified resellers.

Question: What is the difference between the import sets and the sets made in the USA?

Answer: Besides the obvious (where they are made), not much. We believe in supporting US manufacturers as much as possible, and so we will never discontinue offering US made sets as an option. However, we will never put our name on a product we don't trust, regardless of where it is made. Even our imported sets are high-quality, reliable, and affordable sheet sets that we feel confident will please your clients. We stand behind every sheet and face cover we sell, regardless of origin. One substantial difference is that our Elation Flannel sets (US made) are a heavier weight fabric than our Comfort Flannel (imported) sets.

Question: What are the advantages of the seamless face cover?

Answer: Massage clients have grown tired of walking out of a massage with a crease on their forehead. Our seamless covers are designed to minimize the chance of this happening. After initial washing, the seamless covers fit snug to the face rest like other fitted covers and are made of the same high-quality 100% cotton flannel as our other fitted covers. Try a couple of them, we're sure you'll be impressed.

Question: Do you offer credit terms?

Answer: No. All orders must be paid for before we ship.

Question: Do you accept checks?

Answer: Yes. If you want to order by check, the easiest way to do this is to go to our website and begin placing the items you want into the online shopping cart as if you were going to purchase with a credit card through the web site. You can select the "Mail or Fax Payment" option in the shopping cart. Print out your order to include with your payment. This will allow our shopping cart software to properly calculate shipping and correctly total your order. Orders to be paid by check will not ship until we receive the check and the funds have cleared the bank.

Why buy Green?

Massage and spa therapy can be tremendously relaxing and comforting for your clients. They can rest even more comfortably knowing that the massage table, linens, and oils were manufactured with as little environmental impact as possible. It's easier to feel in harmony with the world around you when you know you're doing what you can to leave the world a better place for those who will follow.

What are the different types of earth-friendly products?

These days there are a lot of labels thrown around, such as "certified organic", "sustainably grown", or "green product". While there is no law dictating when these labels can be used, there is a generally recognized meaning to each phrase.

"Organic" products are those grown and produced without the aid of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. They are generally not genetically altered, and organic fabric is processed without chemicals or non-natural dyes. "Certified organic" fabric should be certified to have been organically grown, processed, and woven. SKAL, or Control Union, is the most common certifying body.

"Sustainably grown" products, such as those made from bamboo, are produced only from material that will quickly regrow, and where harvesting is done without significant effect to the surrounding environment.

"Green" products can be anything from unbleached fabrics, to locally produced goods, to massage tables made from sustainably harvested hardwood forests. Basically, it means any product where additional thought or care has been given to reducing the impact that producing that product has on the surrounding environment.

Organic Labelling - does it matter?

It's becoming popular these days to call anything "green" or "organic", but all products labelled as organic are not the same. True organic products have been produced with no pesticides, chemicals, or articifical bleaches or preservatives. This is what we mean when we say organic, and all products labelled as such are certified to be so.

Is buying Green more expensive?

We all want a better environment and a brighter future for our children. Unfortunately, so often we feel we have to balance affordability against environmental friendliness. Why does buying green have to cost so much more?

The answer is: it doesn't have to. You just have to know how and where to buy. The trick is to buy direct (locally produced goods are best), buy in bulk, and look for options that have less processing and less packaging.

Even if a product isn't labelled "organic", it may still have some environmentally-conscious attributes. For example, we offer unbleached cotton sheets. The bleaching of cotton, if not closely monitored, can be very damaging to the environment. Unbleached cotton may look a little rustic, but it is just as soft and durable as bleached cotton. And because we manufacture in bulk and keep our packaging to a minimum, you can save on transportation and packaging costs. This helps both the consumer and the environment.

Buying Made in the USA Products

Buying Green means more than just buying products with less production costs however. Where material comes from also has a direct effect on the environment. The US textile industry follows bleaching and dyeing practices regulated closely by the Environmental Protection Agency. Sheets manufactured outside the United States may or may not follow these guidelines. We offer US Made massage tables, sheet sets, face rest covers, bolster covers, and other products to support the domestic manufacturers and green manufacturing processes. We also hold our international manufacturers to strict labor and manufacturing guidelines, and will only do business with companies that follow ethical and environmentally conscious business practices.