Caring for your Flannel Massage Sheets

Body Linen’s flannel massage sheets are made with you in mind. Proper care will ensure they last and continue to provide comfort to your clients.

Prepping your new flannel sheets:

cold wash

Wash your sheets in cold water on the gentle cycle. Washing on gentle is extremely important because this cycle uses less motion causing less friction. Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle (no detergent). Adding vinegar will allow the fiber to expand which makes them soft. It also helps to preserve color, keeping them from fading and looking dingy over time.

*If using a front loading machine, use the extra water setting.

Tumble dry on warm or medium heat or remove sheets from dryer when sheets are slightly damp. Don’t use dryer sheets, this can cause undue friction, which causes the flannel to pill over time.

Routine Care:

routine care

Wash your flannel sheets separate from other fabrics; this will preserve the softness and keep them snag free. Make sure to not over load your washer; this will cause friction between sheets and increase pilling. Use a little less than the full recommended amount of detergent, flannel sheets do not require a large amount of detergent when washing regularly. Using too much detergent will cause the fibers to deteriorate causing roughness, weakness, and even holes. Always wash your flannel sheets in cold or warm water and if possible on the gentle cycle. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle this acts as a brightening agent and won’t break down the fabric like bleach would. Don’t mix light colors with dark colors to prevent any color bleeding and causing lighter sheets to be discolored.

Drying your sheets on a gentle heat will fluff the flannel to its premium softness. Do not dry your sheets too long and avoid dryer sheets because of the undue friction they cause, making your sheets to pill over time.