Massage Stone Advanced Kit

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Included in this Advanced Kit:
  • 71 Piece Complete Basalt Stone Set
  • 18 Quart Spa Pro Stone Heater
  • Introductory DVD & Manual
  • Hot Stone Heater Accessory Kit
  • Biotone Replenishing Light Oil - 8 oz

71 Piece Stone Set Configuration:

8 - Small Working Stone (Size 2.0"-2.5")
12 - Medium Working Stone (Size 2.5"-3.0")
12 - Large Back / Thigh Stone (Size 3.0"-3.5")
8 - Facial Stone (Size 1.5"-2.0")
8 - Toe Stone
6 - Finger Stone
8 - Spinal Layout Stone (Size 2.0"-2.5")
2 - Palm / Glutal Stone (Size 3.25"-3.75")
2 - Foot Stone (Size 3.75"-4.5")
1 - Sacral / Belly Stone (Size 4.5"-5.0")
1 - Pillow / Neck Stone (Size 3.0"-4.0")
1 - Contour Stone (Size 4.0"-5.0")
2 - Trigger Point Stone (Size 3.0"-4.0")

71 Piece Basalt Stone Set:
This set is truly complete, and has every stone a massage therapist would need to treat the entire body. This includes the large, heavy belly / sacral stones as well as those specialty tools needed for the hands, feet, neck and hard to reach contours. Configured to meet the needs of the beginner as well as the advanced massage therapist.

Spa Pro 18 Quart Heater
This 18 quart high quality stone warmer is designed especially for heating massage stones. It has a porcelain coated removable water pan with an easy to clean finish. The temperature control features a "preheat" setting of 375 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the water quickly as well as providing an "operating range" of 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit that lets you rapidly bring the stones up to the proper temperature for therapeutic use, and then maintains a constant, even temperature. Please note, this is a 120 volt model for use in the USA and select countries only.

Heater Accessory Kit Details:
These accessories are essential when using the hot stone heaters, providing you the convenient tools you need to work with hot stones in your therapy sessions. It includes a slotted spoon for removal of larger stones, a net for removing smaller stones, a thermometer to insure proper therapy temperature and a heat resistant net baggie for containment of small finger and toe stones.

DVD & User Manual:
This DVD, produced under the direction of a highly experienced and knowledgeable licensed massage therapist and educator, will help you learn how to use stones to perform a relaxing and effective hot stone massage. This video focuses on providing the knowledge and tools necessary to allow you to not only learn how to use the stones for a hot stone therapy session, but how to do so safely and effectively. Set-up of your massage area and supplies is covered as this greatly affects how smooth your session goes. Tips and techniques are taught to allow you to maximizing the time spent massaging your client, helping to ensure that your client will keep coming back. DVD Length: 60 minutes

Biotone Replenishing Light Oil:
The exceptionally light texture of this versatile oil makes it a popular choice for any spa with a diverse menu of body therapies. With enduring workability, effortless glide and skin-enhancing nutrients, Replenishing Light Massage Oil is ideal for full body massage, finishing treatments, aromatherapy sessions, stone massage and a variety of other hands-on techniques.

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Massage Stone Adanced Kit

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Love it. The stones are really nice and of high quality. I like the flatter lid to the heater, nice handle to grip with. Great kit.