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The Best Values in Professional Massage Supplies
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Music for Massage Therapists

Music CD's for use by massage therapists or spa practitioners during treatment sessions. 

"Healing Suite" Music CD
Enter a space of sublime relaxation created by soothing music of flutes, keyboards and woodwinds.
Price: $15.95

"Golden Spa Tones" Music CD
Ethereal tones of Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit.
Price: $15.95

"Peaceful Pond" Music CD
Wild birds wing their way across lily pads lazy in the cool water.
Price: $15.95

Back to the Garden CD
With Tom Barabas playing grand piano, and Dean Evenson on silver flute, a musical partnership evolved which has resulted in many concerts and popular recordings. Their long musical friendship continues on Back To The Garden, expressing their musical souls together.
Price: $15.95

"Wood Over Water" Music CD
Soothing flute melodies, soft drumbeats and rattles invoke the spirit of nature creating a tranquil mood.
Price: $15.95

"Shapeshifters World Fushion" Music CD
These neo-shamanic drumbeats, sensuous vibrations of sitar and wailing woodwinds ignite a spirit of passion, joy and freedom.
Price: $15.95

Music for the Healing Arts CD
A definitive collection of music that has been time-tested and compiled with guidance from alternative and mainstream health professionals.
Price: $15.95

"Meditation Moment" Music CD
Meditation Moment is a magnificent collection of 52 high-powered affirmations based on practical wisdom.
Price: $15.95

"Sonic Tribe" Music CD
A Multi-Cultural Tapestry Of Rhythm.
Price: $15.95

Healing Sanctuary CD
Enter a healing sanctuary of sound and let your soul experience shelter from the storms of life.
Price: $15.95

Healing Waters Music CD
Specifically intended to provide listeners with a deep and soothing musical experience, Healing Waters is a confluence of elemental water sounds and elegant, relaxing instrumentation that is perfect for music therapy.
Price: $15.95

"Healing the Holyland" Music CD
An exquisite multicultural synthesis bringing together Jewish, Christian and Muslim spiritual music of the Middle East.
Price: $15.95

Sound Massage CD
A stunning collection of music designed specifically to support the benefits of massage therapy.
Price: $15.95

Tao of Healing Music CD
Tao of Healing is a lofty bridging of cultures through musical dialogue - the flute, the guqin, and the guitar.
Price: $15.95

"Spa Rhythms" Music CD
A high-energy musical experience of world rhythms designed to move the body and elevate the spirit.
Price: $15.95

A Gift for Mother CD
Creative instrumental interpretations of traditional and contemporary hymns highlighted by the sounds of nature.
Price: $15.95

"Spa Dreams" Music CD
Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson is joined by longtime friend and harpist d'Rachael to create a supportive musical experience that will remind the body and soul of that place within where the source of healing lies.
Price: $15.95

"Ocean Dreams" Music CD
Ocean waves gently invite you to tune into the rhythms of the Earth itself and experience the healing powers of nature.
Price: $15.95

Between Two Worlds CD
Between Two Worlds combines the rare art of melody drumming on a journey with the estatic rhythms of the tabla tarong of India with Celtic, African, Middle Eastern and Western instrumentation.
Price: $15.95

Chakra Healing Music CD
You are invited to enjoy a deeply meditative, musical experience created to resonate with your subtle energy centers known as Chakras.
Price: $15.95

"Global Rhythms" Music CD
A musical feast spanning the globe from the Middle East, Africa, India, and Tibet to Native America and Aboriginal Australia.
Price: $15.95

"Raga Cycle" Music CD
Ragas, which are ancient patterns of melodic movement meant to evoke a certain mood or feeling, are perfomed by a father and son duo with passion and playfulness.
Price: $15.95

"Reiki Om" Music CD
Eastern musical flavors soothe the soul and create a sacred ambience for energy healing to occur.
Price: $15.95

"Multi-Cultural Prayer Journey" Music CD
A Multi-Cultural Journey of Spirit collects spiritual, praise, worship, and meditative songs from across the globe.
Price: $15.95

"Eagle River" Music CD
Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest.
Price: $15.95

"Forest Rain" Music CD
The natural sounds of Forest Rain trace a journey following the rivers and streams up the mountain to the very heart of the old growth forest.
Price: $15.95