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The Best Values in Professional Massage Supplies
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Massage Lotions

Massage Lotions

Bon Vital' Naturalé Massage Lotion
Provides excellent absorption with just the right amount of glide to produce optimal workability.
Price: $11.55 – $48.25

OB&B Organic Massage & Body Lotion
OB&B Organic Massage & Body Lotion.
Price: $5.91 – $37.69

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion
Enjoy optimal manipulation of skin and muscle with more glide and easy workability.
Price: $7.85 – $35.65

Bon Vital' Original Massage Lotion

A smooth glide and satiny light texture make this the perfect choice for all massage modalities.

Price: $6.25 – $31.55

OB&B Deep Tissue Massage Lotion
This free-flowing lotion is excellent for deep tissue control work, or as a moisturizing body lotion.
Price: $5.91 – $28.86

Biotone Deep Tissue Lotion
The perfect formula for relief of deep, knotted muscles or trigger points. Available in 3 sizes.
Price: $9.45 – $38.95

Bon Vital' Swedish Massage Lotion

Effortless workability with a smooth glide and texture.

Price: $8.55 – $42.95

Hydrating Rich Massage Lotion
Hydrating rich fragrance-free classic lotion for deep tissue work.
Price: $6.90 – $35.75

Biotone Cocoa Comfort Massage Lotion
Made with real cocoa-butter to soothe & balance the skin. Available in 3 sizes.
Price: $9.75 – $43.85

Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Lotion
Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Lotion.
Price: $7.55 – $39.95

Organic Naturals Massage Lotion
Organic Massage Lotion for Deep Tissue Massage.
Price: $7.95 – $42.49

Biotone Nutri-Naturals Massage Lotion
Renews and revitalizes skin without residue or tackiness.
Price: $9.95 – $42.95

Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Massage Lotion
This moisture rich lotion infused with essential oils leaves a warm and soothing feeling on the skin.
Price: $10.55 – $47.25

Therapro Swedish Massage Lotion
Provides lasting workability without the residue associated with most oils available in 3 sizes.
Price: $6.79 – $36.71

Organic Fiji Coconut Massage Lotion
Coconut-based massage lotion combines organic coconut oil with essential oils to replenish the body.
Price: $9.00 – $22.50

Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion
Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion.
Price: $9.55 – $44.15

Therapro Deep Tissue Lotion
Offers glide with enough friction for deep tissue massage available in 3 sizes.
Price: $6.79 – $32.69

Sombra Therapeutic Lotion for Strained Muscles - 8 oz size
Sombra massage lotion ideal for deep tissue work on strained muscles. Gentle heat with controlled glide.
Price: $8.95